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    OneDrive bug?

    You used to be able to choose to save documents to your computer or to OneDrive. Has that changed deliberately or is this a bug? I was setting up a new computer and OneDrive started copying files I put on my hard drive. I have a large genealogy database (over 200,000 people) and when OneDrive...
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    Signing in on Microsoft Account

    There's no problem with the internet connection -- I'm online a great deal, including using gmail with no problem. That was a sloppy question on my part. I'm currently signed in as a Local Account / Administrator and wanted to sign in to my Microsoft account instead. It rejected my password...
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    Signing in on Microsoft Account

    I have been signed in as a stand alone computer. I wanted to change to my Microsoft account sign in. I already had a password, but it was refused and I was asked to reset my password. I reset to a new password. I returned to the sign in screen. The new password was refused. I still can't...