Access the User Folder of a old Hard Drive

May 5, 2021
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I major problem.

My computer that was built September 2010 written off, CPU burnt out and is not recoverable.
It was running Windows 10 Pro, HDD was not encrypted.

So instead of fixing something too old and obsolete, I purchased an new computer. Different motherboard, CPU and graphics card.

I am trying to access/recover photos and files that are stored in the user folder, (Desktop, My Documents..ect)

However, this seem to be impossible.

I have tried
- Swapping the HDD, take my old HDD and put it into the new PC hoping it would boot up, but it seem to get stuck and will not even go to the login screen.
- Used my new HDD to login into windows and access the old HDD. Grant permission to access the folder in the security tab, added my new user name in “Permission entries”. Even address my add my user name in the “Auditing” tab as well as “Effective Access”. Also changed the owner to my new username on the new computer. I keep getting “Error Applying Security” “An error occurred while applying security information to ‘folder path of files/folders inside of the user folder’” “Filed to enumerate objects in the container. Access is denied”. Online help/YouTube says to click continue and eventually, after 100 times and an 2 hours, you will get access to it. That didn’t work. “Windows Security” “Unable to save permission changes on E-MAN-M.” “ The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.
- I also tried to access the folder through “Command Prompt”, still no access.

Can anyone please help me? Is there a simple easy solution?
Sep 26, 2017
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Anytime there's an electronic problem in a computer many other components other than the obvious will be affected.

What I do is plug a drive into a dock connected by USB to a working computer, see if the drive can be accessed and any files seen. If so I navigate to the User folder on the drive then the logon name folder and the subfolders found there, copy them to a USB Thumb drive of sufficient capacity. Actually that USB Drive dock holds 2 SATA drives at the same time so a spare HDD or SSD would help.

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