All The Nice Free Games!

Jan 2, 2016
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But, are they worth it? The Microsoft Solitaire Collection stopped working and it will not work still. So, there was another group with the same games in the store. Not as slick as the other one, but it was all right. Yesterday, it disappeared from my computer. Gone! Not only that, but the Klondike type I had will not set up. When I try to open it, it immediately closes. Over and over. I've had a computer for 20 years and certainly had problems here and there, but now it seems each days brings another one.

If by some magical option, the volume on my sound would increase enough for me to hear a movie, that would be great, but apparently, that isn't going to happen. Yes, some problems have been solves, but it seems like before the day is out, a new one appears. Doesn't seem to be possible to get rid of stress. I do enjoy so much about a computer.

I do appreciate this Windows 10 forum with the helpful, knowledgeable techs.


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