Cannot Network between 3 W 10 pc's

Aug 19, 2015
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My profile details my home networked pc's. Two on ethernet 1 Wifi. Two distinct problems
1) The Thinkpad requires permissions to open folders and files on the attached WD ext hard drive. After using advanced options for security eg permission forvread and write fir "Everone" folders open but not the next time or a few days later.
2) On each of the 3 W10 cannot see all 3 devices on "Network". Since I live by myself in a condo II do not need security on the local home network and passwords etc.
My wife is at a hospice terminally ill. I do not have the time to research the forums. I spend daytime 5 hours 5 days a week with her. When I get home I have to tend to all my needs.

At 71 I am dog tired emtionally and physically to attend to researching forums for my network problems .For my personal information on the pc's and identity security I do not want a visiting tech.
Are there simple steps to resolve this in an hour? Please assume I can take direction without memvers skipping steps they propose. I am fed up of using thumb drives to move files.
Thank you.


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