Don't understand my OneDrive folder size reporting - please explain simply!!

Mar 28, 2021
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Dear Anyone.

I've attached a screenshot of this to help out - I hope!

Hokay. I've got a 232-gig hard drive. Which suddenly told me I only had 46gig free so I wanted to free up memory. Did a CMD listing of files by size to a text file and discovered my OneDrive folder was taking up loads of space (75gig.)

Now I THOUGHT the OneDrive folder was just to link you to the cloud where the files you'd put into it were magically stored. I'm not sure how the magic WORKS - it's since my time, that's why I'm asking for a simple explanation - but that's what I thought was going on. So I looked on the Cloud and there SEEMED to be all the same names there so I thought 'Delete them from my folder and they'll be safe on the Cloud'.

Then I read that if youi deleted them from your OneDrive folder, that deleted them from the cloud as well so I was schtuck. So I thought 'buy a 1T hard drive, use it as external backup, move everything from the OneDrive folder onto it, delete contents of OneDrive folder, it doesn't matter that they're deleted from the cloud because you've got them on new backup drive.' Got the new drive. Tried moving everything onto it. It wouldn't let me move the OneDrive folder - don't REALLY understand why. Then I clicked by accident totally on something that brought up the little sub-menu - and things went Dr. Who on me!

How the heck can a 75gig folder only be taking up under 6gig on disc!?! And if I add the 75gig to the remaining amount of free space, I get my hard drive space all present and accounted for. If I just add the 6gig, it leaves 70-odd gig unaccounted for which, surprise surprise, is the first stated size of the OneDrive folder! So is it taking up 75gig or 6gig (OK, 5.99gig!) If the first is true, where does the 5.99gig come in? If the 5.99gig is the right amount of space it's taking up, where's the other 70gig gone ?

And is there a way of deleting items JUST from the OneDrive folder WITHOUT deleting them from the online OneDrive. And final, ghastliest question....

OneDrive online is about 5gig, the free version. I only have the free version. I'm not paying for anything at the moment. Now when I first used OneDrive I didn't realise it was only 5gig, I just vaguely thought you could chuck anything in the on-drive folder and it would get magically saved online. Which is why I chucked so much stuff in. So where IS this other 70-odd gig? It can't be online because there's only 5gig online, am I right? It's not on the hard drive (theoretically!) because the inset menu's saying the hard drive folder's only taking up 5.99gig. Yet it's saying the OneDrive folder is 75gig.

So where's the other 70-odd gig been hidden (remembering that that's the amount of hard drive space unaccounted for!?!) And how do I delete/move stuff from the OneDrive folder on my hard drive (hopefully delete!) without it being deleted from the Cloud as well whenever sync happens?

If you're feeling confused by now, join the club!!

Yours very puzzledly



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