File History Error Reconnect your drive

Dec 2, 2015
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I am on Windows 10, latest update, and File History has worked up until 3/15/17. It is on a network with three computers and two printers. I am able to use the printers and also the WD My Book Live which is where the File History is suppose to go.
Since 3/15 I have gotten the message: "File History, Reconnect your drive. Your files will be temporarily copied to your hard drive until you reconnect your File History drive and run a backup". I am able to contact the printers and the WD My Book Live for any files, but File History doesn't recognize it. Because it use to do the backups. This is a Dell Inspiron 15. Any suggestions?



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Apr 13, 2017
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mmm Welcome to forums. ;) I see you had no replies so here is a late one.

Yes, the issue is that external drives will often be assigned random drive letters, depending on what else is connected to USB ports.

There are a couple of solutions.

1) Assign static drive letters to drives.

Note: disconnect all other external drives/USB keys; Repeat steps belwo until error disapears[1].png[1].png[1].png[1].png

2) Disable File History



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