SOLVED Google off centered screen

Jul 16, 2017
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Hi guys and gals first time poster here hope i do this wright.....Can anyone tell me why (and how to fix) my screen is slightly off center to the right only when using Goggle as the browser edge, fire fox, internet explorer are all fine I can center it by going into settings and clicking the centering icon but i loose favs and search bars



Mar 4, 2016
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Hi Bubba,

Welcome to the Forum.

Assuming you can still see part of Google Chrome browser window, albeit its off centre, do the following:
  • Open the Google Chrome browser
  • Now press Alt + Spacebar keys together, then with mouse select Move from the menu that appears
  • Now tap your left or right Arrow key to move the browser to a position you like.
    • i.e. If browser is off to right then tap the left Arrow key to bring it back to the left, or
    • If browser is off to the left then tap the right Arrow key to bring it back to the right
    • Likewise, you can tap the up/down Arrow keys to move it up or down.
  • When you have positioned the browser where you want it, close the browser. This allows it to set its current position, so it opens there the next time you use it.
Now when you open it again, it ought to be in the position you moved it to.​



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