Hard drive & Data loss fault - HD seems to have created 3 partitions from 1?


Feb 16, 2017
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Short story. Western Digital Elements Drive 3TB use for back up and today wouldn't power.
Swapped all cables no luck.
Removed hard drive from Caddy housing and mounted in rig direct to motherboard.
The hard drive is readable but appears something has happened to the partition (without me doing any tasks etc to it).
The hard drive was 1 single partition with quite a lot of data.
The drive now in the rig is showing as 3 partitions (raw data). Snapshot below.
I have not reformatted the drive and the drive is showing as inaccessible in windows.
(I have just ordered another 3TB drive to try to recover the data too.)


1 - Any ideas what would cause this issue with the partitions as has baffled me and made me more cautious in recovery routes and options.
2 - Before I try Recuva on the drive (which I assume I will need to format the drive first to attempt this). What is the best steps to take before attempting to recover the data.
3 - Any other software that is going to do a better job than Recuva?
4 - Anything else to try before I do down route 2.

Thanks for your help. Normally I have back ups. But there's a large chunk of photos and other data I had yet to back up to my secondary back up drive

Thanks for your help


The drive causing the issue is Disk 1.
I am aware that W drive is overloaded at this moment. I normally maintain 20% headroom.
Drive G is being removed (hence back up data on W and new hard drive on its way)


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Jun 2, 2016
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Run drive manufacturer's test on it. If SMART fails, it's mostly dead.
WinDig for WD.

If you format the drive, all will be lost.

I am confused about an Elements drive in a caddy. I know all the 2.5" drives are USB only, no SATA. I recently had a Passport die after 5 years of light use.


Oct 1, 2014
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A 3 TB drive might be involved with the 2,2 TB limit on a drive unless it is GPT. If you had it configured using some special software, such as an external drive, to allow the system to see all of it something could have happened with that.

I have seen Disk Management in situations where it appeared to be confused and misread a drive, so be careful.

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