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Mar 10, 2016
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I hope that I'm posting this new thread in the proper place.

I have used LastPass (free version) for several years. I access LastPass on my PC as well as my Android phone. My wife uses Apple products, an Ipad and an Iphone and she has never used LastPass. Is it possible for my wife to add LastPass to her Apple products and to also have access to my folders/passwords, etc.?

Thanks for any replies/suggestions.


Jun 2, 2015
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Hello JJK~

According to the Last Pass Site YES it is Compatible with Mac/Apple Products. Check here. >>> Link

Regarding the folders/passwords aspect .. With the free version NO the sharing option is NOT available .. However, the paid versions, Premium or Families ($3/month and $4/month, respectively and billed YEARLY) do offer the ability to share folders (and possibly passwords) is different variants depending on which one you purchase.

See following link for pricing plans and general overview of what is included in each version. >>> Link

I've used Lastpass for years myself (paid for it for a short time until the free version was updated and allowed more features equivalnt to what I was paying for at the time) .. and what I have done (ONLY with people I trust explicitly and know FOR A FACT would not access it unless told to.) is allow them access to my vault/account should anything 'unforeseen/unfortunate' happen to me. That way they can cancel/delete accounts securely should that 'unforeseen/unfortunate' event happen.

Best of Luck

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