Opening network program residing on XP pc over a home network by a win 7

Mar 11, 2018
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I have a home network of XP computers.
On my workstation/server I have a networkable accounting program (called AW) which holds my up to date information (customer balances etc ).
When I map a share drive on XP computers I can open & operate this AW program on any XP or w2k machine.

I added 2 pc computers to this same ms home type network ( 1 win7 and 1 win 10 )
These 2 new pc computers can see and transfer files over the network via explorer to XP or any other computer on the network.

When I try to connect (from either the win7 or win 10 computers) to the XP AW .exe file to open AW
I get an error on the win7 & win 10
.... Error (File Not Found (2)) creating SYSTEM.
press ok to end this application.

I have run this as admin
I have tried with and without the run in separate memory space checked box

My goal
is to get either or both win7 and win 10 to open the AW program that resides on the XP server so it works on the win 7 and/or win 10.

Notes: This older AW program will load directly onto win7 and win 10 but not print.
The win7 will allow it to print across the network to an XP machine with an XP compatible printer; however, I am sure it is safer to leave the LIVE version on my XP and just connect from win 7 and
win 10 to ''view'' balances on the AW live version.

Can anyone assist please ?


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