SOLVED Program not starting at startup/logon?

Dec 22, 2019
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I am running win 10 ( 1607 ) on a Lenovo thinkpad tablet.

I am using it in my car for satnav, music etc.

I would like to have the car frontend software ( centrafuse - old but ok ) start when the tablet boots,
but I cannot seem to get this working.

I have tried many different methods, including group policy ( logon ), registry ( HK local machine etc), and also shortcut in the startup folder.

NONE of these methods work??

I have the correct path for the executable, and have even used third party start up programs to no avail .

Other programs start correctly, but this centrafuse.exe refuses to do so??

Strangely, I installed a ''lite'' version of windows 10 - and it worked straight away!

Unfortunately, these lite versions have too many other things removed which causes aspects of the software to not work :-(

If anyone more enlightened than me ( that makes most people) can help me, I would be very grateful.

Many Thanks



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