Re-install a new Windows 10 Pro

Aug 18, 2021
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Have had Win 10 Pro for a couple years on a custom built computer, and it was activated by a company no longer in existence. I do not have a license key as it was installed on a volume license by that company. I use it for my travel business, and contains many files. I now have a faint message in the corner of my screen indicating Windows 10 not activated. I have been using it for awhile with that message showing, but now, since the last two updates, my system shuts down periodically, and also a random blue screen appears telling me that there is a problem and that it is being sent to Microsoft for evaluation.

Also, the video is showing a green area in the screen, and instead of flowing smoothly as a video, it shows like a series of screen shots, or individual photos in rapid succession. Again happening since the last automatic updates, and I don't know if this is due to an "un-activated" operating system.

My question is if I purchase a new Win 19 Pro copy, am I able to re-install it smoothly over my existing Win 10 Pro without losing or destroying my 850,000 files, and apps used for my business? That will give me a valid license key, and it will be properly activated.

I don't know anything about the workings of a computer other than business use. I would appreciate any feedback on my situation, but keep it simple as I don't understand all the technical terms and abbreviations.


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