Registry behavior on HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ex

Dec 30, 2017
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I tried to clear all contents of
then set security permission to the logger user name (Budi) to be clear from:

  • create key
  • set value

and let it inherently apply to all keys under it

But it responds very oftenly with icons flickering / blinking
so I undo the security setting... but wile keeping on registry browsing under this key I came across:

  1. The jpg filetype key and userchoice key were created
  2. On userchoice key the logging username (Budi) ACL was created, and
  3. It's set to DENY on SET VALUE !

Is it just windows 10 behavior or an intruder's been screwing up ?
Please help me.. many thanks in advance
Apr 22, 2017
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HI abdu,

are you running "msconfig" as Admin?. Have you run an AV scan?. Have you looked through the registry to see if you have any entries that are in other languages?. I found one in Chinese the other day and removed it!. :)

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