Sending selected email from Windows Live Mail to Android S7

Aug 22, 2015
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I would like to send selected emails from my PC to my smart phone when they come in without routing all the emails to the smart phone
Can I do that with Win Live Mail or do I need to use something else
Now running Ver 1703 latest update Win10



Mar 4, 2016
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The only way I can think of is to create a New Mail Rule.

To do that, do the following:

  • On the computer open your Windows Live Mail
  • In the top toolbar click the Folders tab
  • Click on Message Rules
Depending on the build of Windows Live Mail you are using you will now see one of the following two windows.

Either this one:

new rule.png

Or you will see the New Rule window [ which opens if you click the New button in above image:

new rule2.png

If you see the first window then click the New button which will take you to the second window titled New Mail Rule above.​
  • In the New Mail Rule window the first panel is titled: Select one or more conditions. In this panel check the box next to Where the From line contains people
  • The next panel is titled: Select one or more actions. In this panel check the box next to Forward it to people
  • In the third panel titled: To edit this description, click the underlined words you will now see two underlined words. Click on Where the From line contains people
That will open another window titled: Select People with the cursor focused in the field next to the Add button. In this field enter the email address of someone whose emails you want forwarded to your smart phone, then click the Add button

Alternately, you could click the Contacts button to review your contacts and select those you want to add. You could also use a different rule such as the Subject line or Message body rules which would allow you to filter emails based on content, rather than by who necessarily sent the email to you if you prefer.


After clicking the Add button the email address is added to the lower field. Repeat adding addresses you want. When done click OK

  • After clicking OK you will be returned to the New Mail Rule window. Back in the third panel click on Forward it to people
Clicking this will open the following window:


In this field enter your email address which receives email on your Smart phone or if its in your Windows Live Mail contacts you can click the Contacts button and select the address there.

When done click OK

Now click the Save Rule button


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