Some Windows are "Incomplete"

Apr 3, 2017
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I don't know what the technical term is for this setting, so I've gone with "Incomplete." But I have this confounding problem on just one of my PCs (I have three) which all are running Windows 10. For some odd reason CERTAIN programs open but I do not have any "borders" on the actual windows. Therefore, I can't minimize or maximize the window, nor can I move it around on the screen. The only way I can move things around is if I Shift+right click on the toolbar icon and select "Maximize." The window will then expand and fill the screen and the Minimize/Maximize/Close options will be visible, along with the "border" which I can left-click and move around from monitor to monitor.

I have unsuccessfully tried to remedy this problem with suggestions on other forums. I've disable all my add-ons to my knowledge, and I like I said, I only have this problem on this one PC.
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