Sound quality changed when I plugged in new headset...still different with old headset

Nov 20, 2016
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I was having a dandy time with a wireless headset but it went out of power so temporarily plugged in a new cheaper one I bought off ebay. I didn't install any drivers for it. Anyway, since I plugged it in the sound quality has definitely changed. It seems higher quality, like a much deeper surround sound (although I definitely had surround sound enabled originally for gaming), I am hearing sounds from one channel only when before it was in both. The problem is that it seems to have more sounds in the left channel which is infuriating. I went back to original headset, and the exact same problem is now there.

I have tested with spotify, itunes, netflix, sound is different on all of them.

I have also changed sound to stereo in options, it makes absolutely zero difference.

It is sort of like my computer enabled a fancy filter which auto-surrounds sound which is not surround at source, and now I can't turn it off.

I uninstalled the software for my original headset so as far as I know I now have no software/drivers installed for sound at all.

Please help!!


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