Strange option scrolling behaviour in programs from the Store

Nov 4, 2017
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Hi guys,

Today some of my programs that come from the Windows Store, such as Edge, Skype, Paint 3D, LINE or even the calculator have start to behave in a very strange way.

The thing is, the program seem to scroll down on its own, not the pages (although the effect is similar in some of them), but the available options. For example, if I open Skype, it starts to go down ALL of my available conversations.

It doesn't seem to affect other programs outside of this group, such as Firefox or MS Office.

And before you ask, yes, I've tried completely restarting the system, but it doesn't help. It works fine for a few minutes before going back again.

Any insight about this would be much appreciated.


Mar 4, 2016
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Hi Xander_VJ,

Welcome to the Forum!

From your description it sounds to me like something has upset your keyboard or its drivers associated with Keyboard mapping.

The most likely culprit keys would be Home, End, the UP/Down arrows, or PgUp/PgDn.

One or more of these keys may literally be stuck down on your physical keyboard because of dust, food crumbs etcetera, or their associated mapping may be upset with a faulty driver or faulty Registry key entry.

A quick way to test this theory out [ assuming you do not literally have a stuck key on the keyboard ] would be to go to the following website and after clicking inside the text field tap the keys on your keyboard, one at a time to test them. If the key is functioning correctly, the onscreen keyboard you see on the website will be surrounded by a solid green square. If the key is faulty you will instead see a yellow square around the key appear briefly, then it will turn solid Grey.. Note: As there are two Shift, Ctrl and Enter keys on most keyboards these by default will generally display a yellow box followed by a solid Grey on the website, but in fact they will be functioning correctly as although you may have tapped one of these keys, the other identical key will make it appear its not been tapped.

Sample of webpage


Likely keys that may be causing this issue you are describing are illustrated below:


Should you discover one or more of these keys is the culprit then you can download a Free Keymapper application from here: The latest version is 2.3 and works fine.

With this software you can select the offending key and disable it as seen in illustration below:


In above sample I selected the End key then clicked Disable Key button and after restarting computer this key now no longer will allow you to press End to scroll to bottom of a webpage for example.

This software can also be used to remap the keyboard, [i.e. change what the action of the key is].

Now obviously, if you are needing to disable a key to stop the symptoms you are describing that is not the most ideal solution, but it will for now at least get you around the issue, until such time you can locate suitable drivers for your keyboard display. That may come from rolling back the current driver [ which may have been altered during the Fall Update ], or by checking the keyboard manufacturer or your computer manufacturer website for new drivers that support Windows 10 OS.

Note: If you disable a key then restart computer your Registry will be altered.

For example, if you disable your End key the following is added to the Registry:

End key disabled.png

The default status of this Registry location is:


Thus if you wish to reverse this change simple open Registry Editor and go to the location mentioned in the illustration and select the added value and right-click and choose Delete then press F5 and after closing open programs restart your computer to restore the disabled key back to its normal state.

Alternatively, you can open your Key Tweaker software, and select the disabled key then click the Restore Default button, and restart your computer.


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