USB Flash Drive How to Determine GPT MBR Etc

Mar 19, 2015
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I am 74 Years Young but still have a reasonably Sharp Mind, But I can't figure out this little problem.
I have Observed over the years , if you Create a Windows Install DVD from an ISO, you can generally Use it to Install Windows 10 on Any PC.
I am quoting from observations in the Bios Settings, where you can select either UEFI , MBR or Compatibility mode.
Now if you use say Rufus it gives options for GPT or MBR.
Now if you create a windows 10 install Flash Drive Using Say MBR , it may or May Not even Boot your Computer.
And the same goes for GPT.
Infact if your lucky enough to boot and get to the windows pre install it may spit the dummy because it should have been created as say mbr , but you used Gpt or Vica Versa.
Lately I have been Installing windows 10 From a Portable SSD 2tb which is Using VENTOY.
And just Copying the Windows ISO From Microsoft onto the SSD and that works fine.
Now all my computers are modern day with the bios set to UEFI , But I have observed when you try and use the SSD Ventoy on an MBR setup that you can run into problems.
So I was wondering just how you can determine if you should use UEFI or Compatibility Mode or MBR and what to set rufus to
Jan 12, 2023
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Identifying the filesystem in use to identify the filesystem used by a drive is fairly straightforward:

1. Make sure the drive is connected to your PC and shows up under My Computer or This PC


2. Right-click on the drive in question, and choose Properties from the resulting menu:

3. The filesystem is displayed in the dialog that pops up:
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