Weird shut down problem.

May 3, 2016
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First of all when I leave my computer for awhile and it goes into sleep the computer is still on but the fans stop moving and I have to press the power button Again to turn it on.
Secondly when I try and shut the computer down using the right click start menu shut down options ( start menu sometimes doesn't work) it stays on the swirly shut down menu for about 5 minutes and then all of a sudden goes back on to my desktop for no reason. Once on my desktop there is no way for me to try and shut down the computer. None of the buttons for shut down do anything. So I have to hold my power button until it forces the computer to turn off. Any help? Thanks in advance.



Mar 4, 2016
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Hi Parq,

I've not personally run into the Shutdown issue you are describing, so I'd need to do some research first before offering any advice that may help resolve your issue.

Hopefully, others in the forum will review your thread and respond soon who may have all ready had to deal with this particular issue and have managed to resolve it themselves.

In the meanwhile though I'd like you to do a test next time you experience that flash then return to Desktop and find yourself unable to shutdown using the usual methods:
  • Press Winkey + R to open the Run dialog
  • In the Run dialog type shutdown -s then click OK

    This ought to pop up over your Desktop if the command works:

  • Click Close and then over the next 60 seconds Windows will close any running applications then shut down.
  • Could you let the forum know whether this works for you, or whether it also flashes and returns to your Desktop.

  • An aside note: After clicking Close if you change mind and want to cancel the shutdown:
    • Press Winkey + R to open Run dialog
    • In the Run dialog type shutdown -a then click OK

      This will cancel the shutdown and a message will slide in from bottom right corner of screen
      Shutdown Cancelled.png

I'll continue to monitor this thread. If I come across anything in my own research I'll let you know.



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