Windows 10 Downloaded Itself Email and Word need to be imported

Mar 12, 2016
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So I have my computer on most days all day and much of the night and hey presto Windows 10 Downloaded itself. I was waiting to see if some problems that I had head about had been rectified. So I noticed fairly quickly Word Docs and Emails had not been imported and there were no instructions with this new Operating System on how to import those two items more still why isn't it automatic when the new Operating System is downloaded. Let me say I am not a jet technician so maybe this is simple to some but not me.

Is there a straight forward process whereby I can import my Word 2007 Documents which I had under Microsoft 8 to Word 2007 under the new Operating System Windows 10.

Is there a similar straightforward process whereby I can import my Emails in Windows Live Mail under Operating System Windows 8 to Windows Live Mail under the new Operating System Windows 10.

I would be most grateful of an outcome, Thank you


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