Windows 10H2 DNS Problem

May 20, 2021
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I have an issue with the Windows 10H2 Feature Update which causes some quite specific DNS-related Internet access problems.

Following the update I cannot load certain web pages and e-mail access doesn't work. Specifically, works but doesn't. When I ping I get a response with an Ipv6 address; when I ping I get an IPv4 address but no response. Other IPv4 addresses give the same problem.

This happens regardless of whether I am connected via Ethernet or wireless. Changing my DNS servers to Google doesn't make any difference.

I had much more serious Internet access problems last year when the2004 Feature Update was installed. These prompted me to back out the feature update and fix my release to 1909 via the Registry. Unfortunately 1909 is now out of support and Microsoft started forcing the 20H2 update on me earlier this month. I have now backed it out twice and currently I have delayed all Windows 10 updates until June in the hope that I can find a fix in the meantime.

Any help with solving this problem would be appreciated.


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