Windows Search Not Opening Removed Start Menu Programs

Mar 9, 2021
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Hi all, I have removed all unnecessary apps, etc from the Start Menu list - however there are Folders, for example, "Ease of Access" --- where once removed from the Start Menu folder list %appdata/programdata% --- the applications within the folder no longer work when calling on them in the Windows Search. They appear in the search results, but upon clicking them - nothing opens.

Example: Delete 'Ease of Access' from Start Menu Programs Folders %appdata/programdata% --- Click Windows Button, type in 'Narrator' (program within the 'Ease of Access' folder) and try to click it, doesn't open. Happens with all the programs within the Folders.

As soon as I put the Folders back in the Start Menu Programs Folders %appdata/programdata% - the search entries all function as usual.

I've tried rebuilding the search, adding the entire C drive to search index, nothing seems to be working.

Basically I'm looking to remove the 'Ease of Access' 'Windows Accessories' 'PowerShell' etc folders from the Start Menu list, but still be able to call the applications up thru the Windows Search and click to open.

Anyone have a fix?
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