can't boot Windows 10 USB on Dell Laptop

Apr 29, 2024
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I've been trying to install Windows 10 on my 2014 Dell laptop for two weeks, but I'm encountering problems. I replaced the faulty hard drive, updated the BIOS, and tried different BIOS settings. However, the laptop won't boot from the Windows 10 USB drive, getting stuck at a blinking cursor.

I managed to install Vista from a DVD, but it lacks necessary drivers. Trying to upgrade to Windows 10 from Vista gives me the error "autorun.dll could not be loaded or is corrupt. Setup cannot continue. Error Code is 0X7E" from the original Windows 10 USB drive.

This is my only PC, and I can't create a new ISO on my MacBook. Could you please send a new Windows 10 USB drive or DVD disk?
Sep 26, 2017
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First, this Support forum is not directly part of Microsoft, just volunteers helping others.

Second, you don't need to create an .iso file, can download the file used to burn a DVD, probably will need a DVD+R/DL [Dual Layer] or can create a bootable USB drive of 8GB. What is used is the MCT/Media Creation Tool that gives both choices. Download on a Windows computer from then run the file which will open a site where the choices are. You'll need the "For a different computer" choice for either 32-bit/x86 or 64-bit/x64, for whatever your computer is, or both which is the need for the DL disc, it holds up to 8.2GB while a standard DVD holds only 4.7GB.

Third, there is an issue in getting Windows 10 Activated when upgrading over Windows 7 and earlier, Microsoft has stopped some of that.

Fourth, there may be problems with getting drivers for Windows 10 although I've had Win10 on a Dell Latitude E6410 from 2010.

You could always run a version of Linux if wanting to keep the computer in use, I now have Linux Mint on my Latitude.
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