Keyboard/Keystroke Lag

Dec 23, 2015
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I would like some answers please with the Lag I, and others experience with Windows 10 64Bit when it comes to typing.
I have looked on this forum, and there is nothing but people writing up about it, and no support from... well.. "Support".

It's not my Keyboard. It's not my Hardware. It's not the cables from keyboard to Motherboard. It's not my screen refresh rate. It's nothing to do with any hardware at all. It's to do with Windows 10. Why so? I had Windows 7 64 Bit installed form day one, until July this year, and never experienced keyboard lag (or mouse lag like a lot of other Win10 users have experienced also).

I'm very experienced with computers, so please save yourself "laggy" typing time with trivial questions and basic answers. I'll have done these from the start. Loads of other users are experiencing lag with their dexterity peripherals on the same OS, and never experienced on Windows 7.

We've had countless updates since official release, and we now have the new build just released this month, and still no fix for the input lag.

So come on Windows Support, un-piss me off with some answers, and solutions please!


(You'll get a thank you on my next reply if you make the effort!)

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