Running a Windows system as an interactive display

Oct 28, 2023
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I'm designing an interactive display for a local library. It is for children, think pushing buttons to make a large display do something. I'd like to have this system mostly hands-off - runs a program when booted, shuts down at a particular time (or just powered off manually), no updates, no nags, no pop-ups.

I was thinking a kiosk would be a good idea, but I would also like to remote into this computer and update or change settings as the years go on, preferably from home. AFAIK, you cannot remote into a computer that is in kiosk mode, you must interact with the physical device. Maybe I can set it up so the physical computer is accessible and i just have to drive to the library for every update, not a problem, but I'm interested in alternatives.

How would one run a system like this without using kiosk mode? Is there a tutorial or guide on setting up single use windows for things like this?


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