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Mar 22, 2017
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Could someone recommend the equivalent desktop software that could convert a photo to an image?

As they say picture speaks thousand words, so I have attached 3 images.

1.jpg = the picture I have taken using my phone
2.jpg = the picture of the picture taken but printed in black and white.
3.jpg = the picture I have taken and uses a scanner app (in this instance Cam Scanner), and it transforms the image to you could say simply black & white, (no greys)

The printout of 3.jpg from a black & white laser printer is so much easier to read and write on it. Shadows are removed/erased automatically by the app.
The printout of file 2.jpg still contain greys and the shadows remain. When it is displayed on screen, it is really crisp, but not when it is printed.

Thank you


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Jun 9, 2017
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Well to start with all of these are *jpg so they are already Images. They will look better on screen than printed out because of the low quality of the files you are saving. for printing, these JPG files need to be much larger like 2.5 MB or so So your Phone is set to take photos at low quality, you need to set it for High Quality.

Usually, when we use Pictures or Images on desktop we use a physical scanner and scan the picture at Very High Resolution and scan using the scanner software in my case HP all my scanners are HP.
Now then if you don't have a Physical Scanner You can download your pictures to your computer and then You can use Photo Editing software. Adobe, Techsmith, and others Goggle Photo Editing software.

So then you then if you're using your phone to take pictures first off change the photo quality the High Quality then you'll transfer your photo's to your computer VIA Wi-Fi, USB or however you get photos off your phone to your computer. Same if you use a camera to take the pictures.

Personally I haven't found Andriod cameras scanners to be very efficient I have tried several and have the same results you have very poor print outs. I have even tried the Expensive $19 per month version. I can use the scans as note-taking but have to create my own print outs. I don't know of any cam scanner for windows

I hope I have answered your questions

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