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Nov 14, 2016
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I've found that when questions are asked to fill in a box while trying to resolve a dilemma, are ambiguous or hard to understand what is being asked. Also, when a problem develops, it might take hours, days or weeks to resolve & sometimes one must go on and work through the problem & just let it ride. Win 10 is a new ball game where rules have changed from simple to virtually impossible to fix, even when tech support is sought. They will either hang up on you or misunderstand the problem you're having. Needless to say, tech support is not there to help resolve problems that shouldn't even arise but more or less there to appease the operator of a system that is even overwhelming for them to provide answers. I never had issues with Win 7 but Win 10 is a continuous headache.... maybe that's what it was designed for... no wonder it was free in the beginning... they wanted the user to send feedback on problems & Win 10 appears to be an ongoing dilemma. I don't like it! However, it made all peripherals obsolete as well as all other operating systems... even the ones that worked properly. Win 10 is hard to understand because of the technical jargon & ambiguous questions & answers. It will never work properly & it takes days to resolve a simple problem. through ranting... next! Also, I don't like the idea of having to buy or download more software to complete a simple procedure.

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