[Automotive] Took a chance on OBDLink SX USB

Feb 22, 2014
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For several years the only Diagnostic Tool I had was Innova Scantool. The Innova Scantool allowed for both OBDI and OBDII scanning. It served its purpose and for the most part I was happy with it.

Innova 1203

The Innova Scantool went out leaving me without for a few months. I had no idea what options were available to me. I did a few searches and came across a Scantool you can connect to a PC. Not knowing anything about the device, I wasn't sure if I wanted to risk purchasing. Luckily the price was not bad at all. For less than $40 dollars I didn't see much harm in trying.

OBDLink® SX USB - http://www.obdlink.com/sxusb/

I can honestly say I love this device. It does quite a bit more than a handheld scanner. The device comes with a free license to software called OBDwiz [https://www.scantool.net/obdwiz/]. Anyone with a Ford (like myself) can take advantage of free software designed specifically for Fords called FORScan [http://forscan.org/]. FORScan gives access that OBDwiz requires an additional paid license to perform.

For those that don't want to be tethered to a USB cable, there are WiFi and Bluetooth options available. OBD Interfaces that OBDwiz software is packaged with for free.
I do have one Ford that is not OBDII and for OBDI the OBDLink SX does not work. For Fords that are not OBDII there are few options. Unless you spend a couple hundred dollars on a scanner that scans both OBDI and OBDII. I finally decided to purchase a Ford OBDI code reader. It is nothing fancy but it does its job fantastically (with the included half inch thick book - lol).

INNOVA 3145 - https://www.innova.com/en-US/Product/Detail/3145

Just the other day I decided to purchase a tablet just for reading trouble codes with OBDLink SX. This is still work in progress. Just received the tablet and have been updating Windows 10 Home to a new build that has of yet not been publicly released. I am happy to announce I have build 1803 (soon to be publicly released) installed and running perfect. Now I just need to get used to operating the tablet by touch. I think I will be best served by getting a touch pen for user interface by touch.

Insignia Flex 8.9" Tablet 32GB Black - https://www.insigniaproducts.com/pdp/NS-P89W6100/4574814

Refurbished from newegg for $70. But hey if it works, why not? - https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA10V5X33999

Now I just have to figure out which adapter I want to use, for convert from Micro USB to USB (which includes charging at the same time). I'm thinking this adapter might be what I'm looking for, but I haven't made up my mind on it yet.

ELEGIANT 4 in 1 Micro USB HUB Adapter with Power - https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIADF461R4841





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