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General Discussion

Chat about anything related to Windows 10 that doesn't belong in the categories below.
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Windows 10 News

Post or read about the latest Windows 10 news here.

Windows 10 Support

Technical support and help relating to Windows 10.

Installation, Setup and Updates

Help with installing, upgrading or deploying Windows 10.
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Help and support with finding Windows 10 drivers and getting them working.


Hardware related chat, PC upgrades and computer builds all go in here.

Crashes, BSODs and Debugging

Got problems with Windows 10 crashing? Let us know the problem in here and we'll help.


Anything network related goes in this section (miracast, file sharing, homegroup, etc...).
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Discuss gaming on Windows 10 in this section.
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Please post any software questions (non gaming) in this section, we're full of helpful advice.


Anti-Virus, Firewalls, Spyware problems and any computer security problems are discussed in here.
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Discuss customizing Windows 10, gadgets, wallpapers, themes and styles in this forum.
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Programming and Windows PowerShell

This is the place for asking any coding/programming questions, with a primary focus on PowerShell scripts.

Windows Insider

If you're posting in relation to problems with Windows Insider builds, please post your thread in here.


Off-Topic Discussion

Chat about anything not related to the OS in this section.


Say hello and introduce yourself to the community in here.
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Article Discussion

Feedback on the articles posted on this site - you can't create new threads here, only comment in the automatic discussion threads.

User Contributed Articles

You can write your own tutorials/articles relating to Windows 10 for submission to our article section.
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Announcements, Suggestions and Feedback

Let us know your thoughts about the site in here. We'll also post important site news.
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