Daz3D.Carrara (latest version)--worked 'til an update, then stopped

Sep 15, 2018
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Howdy, all

Reluctant Win10 user here. I was happy in Win7, but got a new piece of hardware (a Huion graphic tablet) and a new piece of software (Carrara 8.5 Pro), both of which simply wouldn't work on my Win7 box (and it's one I built to be overequipped to run my student copy of 3DS Max, so I know it's not the hardware). I installed Win10 (hate it, hate it, hate it) and tested them, and they worked, so I kept the downgrade and worked from there.

Carrara actually worked well until a couple, three weeks back. Unfortunately, I don't use it every day, so I don't know when it actually stopped. Know Win10 was updating itself (nowhere to go but up, right?) because I'd go get something to drink and come back to find my PC restarted, frequently losing me work. (Think I've got that 'feature' licked now.) But at some point, a Win10 update killed Carrara (Daz doesn't do auto-updates, and hasn't updated this program in years).

Anyone else use this? Or anyone know of anything that might've caused Carrara to croak and die? (Tried Daz3D's tech support already. While they're generally friendly, they're also clueless. "It works on my PC, so you must not have a real problem.")

Thought I'd ask.

Many thanks.