'My Documents' relocate to 'D:/' merger issue - cant fix

Aug 21, 2015
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Hello, I wanted to relocate 'My Documents' from my SSD (C: /) to my HDD (D: /) but it has created a weird glitch where now 'My Documents' has become D:/ Drive.

I wanted to free up my SSD so i decided to move my documents and photos ect. to my D: drive where i have plenty of space, I made a practice go with my Music folder which only had one song in. I right click the folder Properties > Location > Move > D:/ ... go and it said folder 'My Music' does not exist yet, do you want to create it? I click yes and then it asks if i want ot move the files in the folder, i selected yes and 2 seconds later my music in now on the D drive, in its own little folder.

So then i decided to move my documents which was a few GB, i went through the same process but the pop up never came up for if i wanted to create now folder and after the transfer my documents was now called d:/ drive and all my documents are on there but i cant move it back to default... it just asks if i want to transfer the files and then it says access denied...
i cant change the name of the folder, i cant move it back,

the folders already on the D drive have disappeared, it just seems that my D drive is my documents and my document sis my D: dive... clicking either ends up the same place. I'm sure this must be some sort of glitch or error... anyone else having the problem or know how to fix it?

I tried to search for the same problem but i couldn't find it, perhaps I'm wording it wrong, any help would be greatly appreciated

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