No interactivity when canceled shutdown twice

Aug 16, 2015
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I need help! :(
When I cancel a shutdown twice, these things happen:

  1. I can't open programs
  2. Start, Search and other features are blocked
  3. When I open Task Manager, I get an error message saying that the process interface is unsupported
  4. I can't open File Explorer
I have 4 Intel Cores (i5) and my computer is an HP-Pavilion s5388d Home PC. It's x86-based and it's on Windows 10 Home.
I'm saying this because the problem got so bad, I couldn't press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and I had to press and hold on the power button for 5 seconds to restart the computer. I want to go back to Windows 7 but there's no option in Settings even though I upgraded 1-2 weeks ago.

Is there any way to fix this? I would really appreciate this because I keep seeing 'Google Drive is closing' and I get the feeling that I left a program open and so I cancel shutdown.