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SOLVED Discussion in 'Gaming' started by ms jyk, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. ms jyk

    ms jyk

    Nov 11, 2017
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    i m not a gamer ! i do have one work puzzle i am obsessed with. it all of a sudden is a mess. i know this will make a lot of you laugh. i am trying to download again so i can play. i go to google play and chrome app and they both say you do not have a device! i'm assuming they want my desk top computer where i sit to play but, woe with me that is not listed in devices, does this mean i can't sit at desk or that i just don't know what i am doing ?
    ms jyk, Dec 13, 2017
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  2. ms jyk


    Oct 26, 2016
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    North Carolina
    Unless you are running an Android version on your desktop, a visit to google play is a wasted time as those apps are for Android, not Windows. If you are running Windows 10 on your desktop you need to go to the Windows Store app and look there for the game you like to play.
    The store app looks like this: 2017-12-12_221521.jpg
    Grizzly, Dec 13, 2017
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