Robocopy - monitoring and copy & paste file is my issue.

Jun 18, 2022
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Robocopy works, "mostly" the way I need it, however, it's called roboCOPY not roboPASTE. I use Robocopy to monitor a few files in a folder every minute, when it sees a change, it then copies whatever files have changed to a backup folder. So that aspect works fine. The issue is, I need ALL files that are copied, not just the newest one. Robocopy overwrites any previous versions. So if I should have 3 copies of the same changed file timestamped 3pm, 310pm 325pm, i should have the ability to go back to any of those files at any time. This doesn't happen, and there doesn't seem to be a switch or command that allows for this.

I can go into any file in any folder, rightclick-copy/righclick-paste and windows automatically RENAMES that subsequent file and I can to that infinitely, but when using any kind of batch file that does not happen. What is going on inside windows that allows for that, which can't be done otherwise? I should see something like below, which is exactly what windows does:

Data - copy.txt

Data - copy(2).txt

Data - copy(3).txt

How does windows do this and how can I get that same result?


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