PowerShell code to create a GodMode folder.

  1. Regedit32
    Here is a very basic PowerShell script to get the ball rolling.
    • Simply copy & paste the following into Windows PowerShell ISE
    Code (PowerShell):
    # Create the GodMode folder on User's Desktop

    $DesktopPath = [Environment]::GetFolderPath("Desktop");
    mkdir "$DesktopPath\GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}"
    • When done, click File > Save as and name the file GodMode.ps1
    You can name it what you like, just make sure the .ps1 extension is included.
    Additional Tip:

    If you are not familiar with Windows PowerShell ISE you can do the following instead:
    • Open a Notepad
    • Copy & paste the above code into Notepad
    • Click File > Save as
      • In the File name field type: GodMode.ps1
      • In the Save as type field, click the drop arrow & select All files then click Save

    To run: Simply right-click on the saved file and select Run with PowerShell