Virtual Desktops

Virtual Desktops

I have read several comments around the forums regarding the use of the new taskbar icon (the flat yellow square) for virtual desktops. I have been having some fun with this, and through this little demo together. Hope it helps. The feature has been around for a while, but is now incorporated by default in Windows 10. It enables separate Desktop windows for ongoing applications, which are easlily switchable.

To enable an extra desktop, click the icon on the taskbar:


This will then appear as a new bar above the taskbar, with a + sign. Clicking the plus sign will produce extra thumbnails of desktops.


The average Laptop could produce +/- eight such windows.


Now, the little but of magic. How can you use this feature. This is an example, I have chosen windows at random, but you can use any of your programs.

Filled Windows.png

Showing in my picture are, in succession, 1. My Browser. 2. Paint. 3: Control Panel. 4. Command Prompt., and, 5. This document.

Now, I can click the taskbar icon and hover over any of those windows, for a quick reminder or scan of the contents. Clicking one of the windows, will make it the primary target.

An alternative navigational method is to hold the CTRL + Windows key, and then move through the Desktops with the left or right arrows.

This feature can, unfortunately, only be used on a one-off basis. Restarting the computer will delete all of the desktops excepting your primary default.

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