A coule of tweaks about Cortana

Nov 20, 2013
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I came across these "tricks" and would like to share with you.....

1. Some users may consider the long rectangular Cortana search box a waste of real estates. If so, it can be removed by .....

right click at task bar > click Search > select Show search icon. The box is gone and only a circle remains.

2. Since one can click at the Start button to access Cortana, that circle can be removed as well by....

right click at the taskbar > select Search > select Disable.

Note : you can always, at any point, undo the changes by reversing the steps above.

3. Since Task View can be accessed by Winkey + Tab, you can also remove the Task View icon by.......

right click at taskbar > UN-check Show Task View Button. But, a lot of users already knew that.

remove Task View.jpg


Oct 2, 2014
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Thanks for the reminder David. I sometimes would click the Task View icon instead of the File Explorer. I never use the Task View but hadn't thought about removing the icon till now.

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