All NTFS Boot sectors are unreadable or corrupt

Oct 14, 2015
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Hello all,

Need some help:

My PC:

Windows 10 Pro (free upgrade from 7) 64 bit

Version 1511 OS Build 10586.679

Processor Intel Core i7 CPU @2.80GHZ

Memory: 12gb DDR 3 Triple channel

Main drive : 256gb SSD SanDisk

I cannot get this pc to update the windows, trying for the past 2 months, I'M Over this (do not want try again) spend to much time already.

My CURRENTLY issue that I need help with:

Every 6 months or so I do clone of my system drive to save as a backup. Now it's time again.

I'm keeping getting an error message saying :

"All NTFS Boot sectors are unreadable or corrupt"

Does not matter which clone software I use I get this message when trying to read my main SSD drive:

Few things that I have tried:

Boot from windows 10 disk and use Bootrec.exe with /Fixboot and /Fixmbr.

From windows: check disk with /f; multiple 3rd party software to fix... none succeed.

weird thing is that I CAN start the pc with no problem.

I want to do a clone to save it before I do a clean install of windows.

Any help would be appreciated.



Oct 1, 2014
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I would probably run all the repair utilities I could find. Such as the System File Checker and Chkdsk, normally done during boot after setting it up and DISM with the RestoreHealth switch.....

Running memory tests and anti-virus checks might be beneficial.

As far as your cloning software, maybe the device you are cloning to is involved. Personally, I use System images to back up my critical partitions and any Data drives are backed up separately.

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