Upgraded to Windows 10. Was working fine now NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM error boot loop. How do I get a repair

Jan 7, 2016
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Upgraded to Windows 10. Was working fine now NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM error boot loop.

How do I get a repair disc to repair windows?


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Nov 19, 2013
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How do I get a repair disc to repair windows?
You'll need the install media and of course another working computer that you can use to acquire it....
The installation media can be obtained through either of these two resources.


Be sure to acquire the proper version and bit architecture for your computer.
Once you have the ISO, you can use ImgBurn to burn it to a DVD or Rufus to burn it to a USB ThumbDrive, either of which you can use to boot your computer.

When you've managed to boot from the installation media you need to click the Repair Your PC link on the second page after the Choose a Language and Keyboard layout page.
That should get you to the Advanced Troubleshooting options.
From there you could try
1. Startup Settings to see if you can boot into Safe Mode. If so this might indicate a driver or third party software program or service that is causing the issue.
2. Startup Repair might fix some startup file problems
3. System Restore to an earlier point in time
OR even
4. Go back to...... depending on what might be available there (previous version of Windows or previous build)


Be aware that, that error message might suggest a physical problem with your system's hardware.
1, The physical disk (hard drive). If you have a means to remove the physical drive and attach it to another computer (USB docking station or cables designed for just such a purpose or as an internal slave drive / secondary physical drive) you might be able to run the native Check Disk utility to inspect the drive for errors.
2. Bad physical memory (RAM) you could use Memtest 86+ to boot the system and run 6 passes or overnight to see if it produces any errors http://www.memtest.org/
3. Just a bad install that resulted in insurmountable Operating System file corruption in which case you may have to re-install, but....
Re-installing on a system with a bad hard drive or bad physical memory is not likely to produce any better results.
May 2, 2016
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When Drive plugged into desktop;
It will not boot.
It went through 'Auto Correct' get error 0x00000x9 and a message 'look up error NTFS File System'
This is not good.
Before that; it said that a removable drive was unplugged before it was through... Auto update to win 10 works for who?
It does not appear any data has been lost... However, I can only see the Directory on a win10 notebook. (when the drive is plugged in USB port) this is a 2TB drive so it takes a while to read.
But I cannot copy files from usb because of privilege issues on my win10 notebook.
My win 7 desktop cannot 'see' the drive... on USB why? It wants to 'correct' the drive.
Turns out I cannot upgrade the BIOS to win10 so I need to go back to win7.
How is that possible?
How can I get into 'diskmgmt.msc'?
I want to shrink the partition to 300gb 2TB takes too long. And I only have 100gb of stuff
Is there a way to boot to the command prompt?
the iso cd goes to a blue screen.... no options.
Jun 20, 2016
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try lowering the clock speed of your ram in the bios I've had to set my computer up one spec lower than it's capability as it's specs on the MB were wrong.

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