Controlling one win10 pc from another


Aug 21, 2019
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Hi, Can anyone explain how to achieve the following:
I have a fast win10 64 bit desktop PC. I want to be able to control this from a win10 (slower) laptop.
My internet connection is often very slow, so remote control software is unusable a lot of the time.

What I would like to achieve is what I have already done, controlling my Raspberry Pi router from my laptop. I set up an AP (using hostapd) on the Pi that I can log into from my laptop and I use VNC to allow me to access thePi. I have researched this fo win10, but all I find is how to setup a hotspot or ICS.

In the fast machine, I have 2 wifi dongles, one is connected to the internet. The other I want to use as the AP.
At the moment, I can't see the wood for the trees and am hopelessly lost!!

Can someone please provide some SIMPLE advice on how to proceed?

Any help would be much appreciated.




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