Disruption of OS

Apr 24, 2018
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I have recently experienced two events that have interrupted and caused me loss of access to the OS.

On both occasions the screen quickly flickered on and off a couple of times resulting in my cursor and keyboard completely being locked up. I shut the computer off and restarted but I got the sign in screen but still had keyboard and cursor lock up. I restarted the computer and holding the space key. I got the options screen and used the advanced options. I used the diagnose system but it came back that it could not diagnose. I tried rolling back the last updates with no results. Restarted again holding the space key. I finally did a restore point which seemed to work for a couple of days. I then got the flickering screen again with loss of cursor and keyboard. Restarted with space key. Did another restore point going back a couple of weeks. Since then it appears I am in a safe place...so far. Hope you can help me with issue. I not sure how to get a copy of the event viewer log to send you.

Happy New Year.
Earl Schmidt


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