How to disable Require Windows Hello Sign-in for Microsoft Accounts without Setting Up Windows Hello

May 29, 2024
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I've been using a Microsoft Account to sign in to my device with a password and have never set up Windows Hello. I'm the administrator of this device.
Today i was prompted to sign in with my Microsoft account password and then directed to set up Windows Hello, with no option to decline. I managed to bypass this by using safe mode and changing the group policy settings to disable Windows Hello.
Now, I can sign in without being prompted to set up Windows Hello but i still can't use my password. The only available sign-in options are Windows Hello Face, Fingerprint, Pin, and Security Key. I suspect this is because the'Require Windows Hello sign-in for Microsoft accounts toggle is on and greyed out, preventing me from turning it off. A yellow information text above the toggle says, 'Set up Windows Hello to change this setting.'

I absolutely do not want to set up Windows Hello. Is there any way to change this setting without having to set up Windows Hello first?

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