How to view ALL files when saving a different extention?

Jun 4, 2019
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when saving a file i want to be able to view ALL files in the folder, even if they have a different extention/filetype.
so for example i made a word document that is called "101" i then want to save an excel document but do not want to repeat the file name "101" instead i want to view ALL files in folder and make sure i wont repeat the file name 101 and instead go to 102

does anyone know the solution to this?
Thanks in advance for any help, i tried looking everywhere on the internet for an answer, i know i can just open the folder separetley, but that involves extra steps, is there an easy viewing option that i am missing?


Sep 26, 2017
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I think I know what you mean but the issue usually is with the file management portion of a program, will show only those extensions it can work with. Or in other words programs have a more limited type of file manager. The actual File Explorer [renamed from Windows Explorer of earlier versions] can show all extensions if set to do so in Properties, View, View tab.

As for the actual saving of a file with extension of .wpd while in Word, I haven't checked so don't know if Word would even know about the existence of the .wpd file [which is WordPerfect].

The Free LibreOffice program can save in many formats.

Over the years many programs have become more accomodating in opening other formats that theirs.

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