SOLVED Microtek ScanMaker 4850 Driver for Win8.1 and Win10 - Quick fix


Jan 18, 2019
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After upgrading from Win 7 to Win 8.1, my Microtek ScanMaker 4850 would not work. After multiple tries in vain and searching every conceivable website and forum, I attempted my own fix and the solution worked, so I can use this on a Win8.1 and Win10 machine.

I uninstalled the old ScanWizard5 software completely, rebooted the pc and reinstalled the original software and the ABBYY Finereader 4.0 package, like a fresh install from the original CD that came with the scanner.
As expected the software would not launch due to unrecognized driver.

Under Device manager I had a yellow warning triangle '!' under IMAGING DEVICES. I selected that and clicked 'Update driver software'. Select 'Browse my computer for driver software', Select 'Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer'. Select Display all devices. Give it a moment to load all drivers.
Here is the trick:
Scroll to CANON, Select Canon 9000F as your driver and proceed to install.


Launch the ScanWizard5 application, lo and behold the scanner scanned in preview mode

Trim the image area and "Scan To"
Below is the final scan result in minimal resolution.


So don't loose sleep over trashing the scanner, bring it back to life. My scanner is nearly 10 years old since WinXP days and still works great.


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