Shutdown At Certain Times With Override Protection

Oct 12, 2023
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OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Version: 10.0.19044 Build 19044

This is slightly embarrassing, but I'm at my wit's end. I have poorly controlled ADD and it's ruining my sleep schedule. I need something that will repeatedly shut down my computer during a certain time period every day. There also must be override protection within a buffer time before the shutdown period. In other words, my ability to disable or change this automated shutdown must be COMPLETELY disabled any later than about 3 hrs before it begins (yes, I know, my self control sucks). I need this extreme solution until I find a way to control my ADD.

I need something similar to Alarmy for Android. This is a hardcore alarm app that essentially bricks your phone until you deactivate the alarm. A buffer time before the alarm can be set that prevents changes or uninstallation of the app. This helped me immensely.

Task Scheduler is useless because it can be changed at any time. Parental Controls will not work for the same reason and there is nobody I can give the password to and deliberately losing the password is too risky. Maybe a script would work, but there is nothing stopping me from deleting the relevant files.

Does anyone know of an application that does this? I basically need malware level stuff to keep myself off my PC at night.

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