Trekstor Surfbook W2 WiFi/WLAN Driver/Treiber Fix Problem

Apr 22, 2017
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Hi all,

if you wipe your Trekstor Surfbook W2 (may well apply to the W1 model too?) hard drive completely including the recovery partition and use a W10 USB stick to do a fresh install (current version 1709), please note the following first. (Für ein Link in Deutsch, untern sehen)

1: Download the driver package from the Trekstor website and extract them to a USB stick.

Direct link to driver package:

2: You will need the WIFI/WLAN drivers for the Broadcom adapter as the ones in the driver package above will not work!. (Current version: 1.596.12.1 from 26-7-2016). I downloaded the 7th package in the list which works for me: SDIO

Direct link to driver package:

Extract the files to the same folder(s) as the other drivers to your USB stick.

After installation is complete, you will need to open the Device Manager and look for all the devices that require a driver (you will see something like "Unknown device") and point the device updater to your files that you should have on the stick (browse this computer), they must be extracted first, don't try installing them without unzipping them first!.

If your computer freezes up during the install of the driver package, wait a short while and if it doesn't respond, first try Ctrl + Alt + Del, if that doesn't work, press and hold the power button until the computer shuts down and then restart!.

As a fail-safe, if you have a USB WIFi (WLAN) stick lying around, you may be lucky and it will work by simply plugging it in!. You can then proceed to download the files directly to your Surfbook!. :)

Any questions, please post here!. :)

Link zum Website in Deutsche Sprache:
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