View and select from ALL files on MULTIPLE DRIVES in ONE combined list/explorer window

Jan 21, 2024
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I have three separate 12 TB Drives that contain video files. All 3 drives have the same root ALPHABETICAL STRUCTURE -
one directory for each letter A through Z and all my videos are saved therein. I would like to be able to select from ALL my videos (IE all the drives viewed AS ONE) via ONE explorer style window. All I need is to be able to view the list and click on any file to open it in VLC. It would be IDEAL
if this window gave me the option of either seeing the drives SEPARATELY or ALL combined as if they were ONE, but the LATTER is the most paramount feature.
Does anyone know of a third party FILE EXPLORER type replacement that can accomplish this?
LIBRARIES in EXPLORER DO NOT accomplish this as they list drives separately only, and setting up an ALIAS in DRIVE MANAGEMENT does not work either as it will not allow me to set the same alias to multiple drives.

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