Compatibility Mode

How to run an application in Compatibility Mode in Windows 10

  1. Ian
    If you're using some older applications which were designed long before Windows 10, you may find that you need to enable compatibility mode on this particular software to make it run correctly. Generally speaking, this will only apply to software from the Vista or earlier period, as most Windows 7/8 software will be compatibly with Windows 10.

    If you suspect this is the problem, find the main .exe file or shortcut you use to the application, right click it and select Properties:

    Compatibility Mode 1.jpg
    In the example above, we used iexplore.exe. Once the file properties box has loaded, click the Compatibility tab and then tick the box labelled Run this program in compatibility mode for. Now, select the version of Windows that this application was designed to run on (you can use trial and error and see if it runs better under various scenarios). Once you are done, click OK:

    Compatibility Mode 2.jpg
    There are some advanced check boxes listed under the settings heading. If you know that you need to tweak things manually (for example running the app as an administrator), then you can enable these at the same time.
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