Free up Disk Space in Windows 10

Free up Disk Space in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a built-in tool that will scan your hard drive to find unnecessary/temporary files that can be safely deleted, with the aim of freeing up valuable disk space. If you're running low on space or want to give your PC a little tune up, it's a handy tool to use.

To begin, search for "Disk Clean-up" on the start menu (you can just press the start button and begin typing the search term). Alternatively, you can start cleanmgr from the run menu (press Windows Key + R to load the run box).

Once you're started the application, you'll be prompted to select a drive to begin. In most cases, you'll want to select the C: and click OK:


You'll now be shown a list of possible places to delete and save disk space. You can tick boxes from this list and clean them as appropriate - but be aware that you may not want to delete all items (for example the "Downloads" folder is one of the options on this list).


To recover even more space, you can click the clean up system files button, which will scan additional areas to remove temporary/unnecessary files. This will likely recover even more space for you, but you will need to pay more attention to what you wish to delete:


Log files, Recycle Bin, Windows Update Clean-up files, Temporary Files and Windows.old will generally recover a lot of space once removed. Click the OK button once you've selected the files to remove.
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