Hide Recent Files in File Explorer

Hide Recent Files in File Explorer

Many users frequently use "File Explorer" for navigating the file system on their Windows 10 computer, it's the easiest way to browse folders and find files. You may have noticed that when you load the application, it shows a "recent files" list by default. This shows many of the documents/videos/photos that you've recently opened - which you may prefer to keep anonymous.

Here's an example of the recent files dropdown:


To prevent this from appearing, open File Explorer (Windows Key + E is a handy shortcut), then click View > Options:


Now uncheck the Show recently used files in Quick option (you may also wish to do the same for frequently used folders). Click OK once you are done to accept the changes:


The quick access menu should no longer show your recently access files. If you'd prefer to skip the quick access screen altogether, you can change "open file explorer to" dropdown to show "this PC" instead.

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